Earth spins harder, breaks record for shortest day, scientists worry about dire effects

Newshub18 :Earth spins harder, breaks record for shortest day, scientists worry about dire effects.

In ancient times it was thought that the Sun revolves around the Earth. Thanks to the scientist Copernicus, we know today that the Earth revolves around the Sun. Now scientists have found such sensational information about this rotation, which is not at all pleasant for the human world! Earth takes 24 hours or 1 day (One Earth Day) to rotate once in its orbit. This time breaking this record, the earth circled in its orbit in less than 24 hours, which alarmed astronauts.

The speed of rotation of the earth has increased

Recently, the blue planet created the record for the shortest day by completing one orbit in less than 24 hours. What happens if a day ends before the specified 24 hours? This question arises in the minds of many. In fact, if this continues, the world will move towards the development of negative leap seconds, all my calculations may be turned upside down.

The world broke its own record

According to space scientists, on July 29, our Earth orbited once in less than 24 hours. The Earth has circled once in about 1.59 milliseconds less than one Earth day, and this is what worries scientists. Our planet has also broken the record for the shortest terrestrial day.

Since when the record breaking world?

Astronomers themselves say that this incident is very recent. Earth witnessed the shortest day in 2020. Data recorded since 1960 says that on July 19, 2020, the world will break all previous records. On that day, the Earth orbited once in about 1.47 milliseconds less than 24 hours.

Why is the world suddenly changing the speed of rotation?

According to ISRO astronauts, when the speed of the Earth’s rotation increases, the planet usually continues to rotate at this increased rate in the following year. According to research by space scientists, this phase of short days may begin now, which will continue for the next 50 years. But what’s the point of going around so suddenly, why or what? Scientists have not yet been able to give a good answer.

The exact cause of overspeeding is unknown, what are the possible causes?

Space scientists say that this different rotation speed of the earth can be due to various internal reasons. Again, the speed can be increased due to the outer air layer. Ocean tides, climate change can also be the reason behind this cosmic event. According to the researchers, the kinetic energy is created in the part of the Earth’s surface known as the ‘Chandler Wobble’. And because of that, the speed of the earth gradually increased. According to scientists, the speed of rotation can be reduced due to this layer.

Devastating effects, drop seconds to maintain consistency

This cosmic phenomenon is increasing the concern in the world’s scientific community. Spinning at an increasing rate in this way would introduce a leap second, in which case the Earth would fail to keep pace with the atomic clock scale. As a result, this leap second will cause a mechanical error in our smartphone, computer or any other device of the communication system and, may create confusion! Astronomers may have to add extra ‘drop seconds’ to offset the leap second error.

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