Dominican environment minister was shot dead by a friend

Newshub18:Dominican environment minister was shot dead by a friend.

Dominican Minister of Environment and Natural Resources Orlando Harge Mera has been shot dead in his office. He was shot by a close friend. The BBC quoted government officials in the Dominican Republic as saying.

The 55-year-old minister was holding a meeting at the time of the attack. At least six shots were heard at the time. A spokesman for the president said the killer was Miguel Cruz. He is a childhood friend of the minister.

He has been kept in security custody. The motive behind the shooting is unknown.
A statement from the minister’s family said the man who shot her (Orlando Harge Mera) was a childhood friend.

The statement added, “Our family is forgiving the person who did this. One of the great virtues of Harge Mera was that he did not harbor resentment. ‘
Harge Mera has been a minister in the administration of President Luis Abinad since July 2020.

In a Twitter post, President Abinader expressed his condolences to the bereaved family of Harge Mera. He lamented the loss of a good friend.

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Bartholomew Pujalas, director of the government’s Cabinet on Innovation, described Mera’s death as a tragedy.

He called for maintaining peace through social media.
Former President of the Dominican Republic Salvador Harge Blanco’s son Harge Mera. He is also a founding member of the ruling Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM).

Harge Mera’s wife serves as Dominican ambassador to Brazil.
The couple has two sons. One of them is a lawmaker of the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM)

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