Domingo is there, Domingo is not

Newshub18: Domingo is there, Domingo is not.

Russell Domingo – Seeing the name of this South African coach in the headlines for the past few days, it seems that there might be something surprising in the news. That assumption has never been false. Whether it’s the board’s comments about Domingo or Domingo’s own comments, there is a lot of noise in the cricket field of Bangladesh. The latest addition to which is Prothom Alo’s lengthy interview with Russell Domingo and the news of his resignation.

Going back a bit, the first thing that comes up is the rumor of Domingo being removed from T20. There is some truth to the rumour, however, it was assumed. Because, BCB’s Head of Cricket Management Jalal Yunus and Team Director Khaled Mahmood directly criticized Russell Domingo’s coaching style in T20.
After appointing Sreedharan Sriram as the technical consultant of the BCB T20 team, all that was left was the official announcement to remove Domingo from T20 and keep him in ODIs and Tests. When that announcement came, the question was whether Domingo would agree to it or not. Many in the BCB assumed that Domingo might not stay after such a decision.

But in the official press conference, Domingo himself, standing next to the board president Nazmul Hasan, announced that the idea of ​​working only with ODI and Test teams is great. It is rather a relief for him to be exempted from T20. He will be able to spend more time with his family, which he could not due to extra cricket. Domingo was already contractually owed a lot of vacation.

And this is also true, he could not do much with the T20 team. In the interview given to Prothom Alo, in the version from which he was removed, he highlighted various reasons for the failure of the Bangladesh team. The poor condition of Bangladesh’s cricket culture is also revealed in his words. As the head coach, he candidly admitted his helplessness at not being able to handle outside interference in the team’s cricketing decisions. All in all, Domingo didn’t feel too angry about the decision to take away the responsibility of the T20 team. Before leaving the country, seeing Domingo’s childlike joy, one would have thought that he had survived.

If so, there is a reason for that. The Bangladesh team will not play Tests and ODIs until India visits Bangladesh next November. During this time, Bangladesh will play 3 consecutive T20 tournaments – Asia Cup, Tri-series in New Zealand and World Cup. With Domingo removed from T20, he does not have to think about these things. He will only work during the series between Bangladesh ‘A’ and Afghanistan ‘A’ in UAE in September-October.

Domingo may be relieved for another reason. His contract with BCB is till November 30. BCB will have to pay salary till December if he is dismissed before this. And if Domingo himself resigns, then he will have to serve three months as a notice period. With these calculations, Domingo is not resigning now. Rather, it is fairly certain that he will return to work with the ‘A’ team at the Emirates after his paid leave. However, it is said that the possibility of Domingo returning to Bangladesh from there is slim. After November 30, there is a high possibility that Russell Domingo will say goodbye to Bangladesh.

Until then, Bangladesh’s relationship with Domingo was only on paper. In the press, however, the news of Domingo’s resignation has come. BCB, however, still calls Domingo as the head coach of Bangladesh’s ODI and Test team. According to the plan, Domingo will play the role of coach of Bangladesh in these two editions, said BCB Chief Executive Nizam Uddin Chowdhury.

Regarding Domingo’s resignation, he said in a press conference at Mirpur’s Sherebangla Stadium yesterday, “There was a detailed discussion with Domingo today.” Russell is also a little embarrassed about things. The news that came, they are actually not correct. We have seen that too. I think the whole thing has been misconstrued. Russell will soon present his plans to the board with the team. After that, the “A” team will go on a tour.
BCB Chief Executive said what Russell Domingo told BCB. We have to wait to know what Domingo has in mind

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