Do you live in the countryside or in the city? Grow coriander leaves on the roof

Newshub18:Do you live in the countryside or in the city? Grow coriander leaves on the roof.

On the side of salad, jhalmuri, bara or chutney pickles, which has a must-have presence is named – Coriander. This green leaf is unmatched for enhancing the flavor of various curries. It is also rich in beneficial minerals like iron, calcium and carotene.

Instead of buying it from the market in a week, cultivate it on the roof or balcony of your house in a completely organic and organic way in just 5 days and impress everyone in the house.

Seed preparation:

To plant coriander leaves you need to buy dry coriander seeds which you can easily collect from any Dashkarma store.

Take the seeds and pour them in a container and dry them well in the sun for a whole day to increase the germination capacity of the seeds.

In the final step of seed preparation, you have to break the seeds in half or the seeds into 2 parts by applying light pressure with a piece of wood or stone. Then take them out and put them in a bowl and soak them completely in water for a night. Then you are done.

Planting time:

Right now is the right time to plant coriander. So don’t delay. It gives good yield in Ashwin to Paush or September to December.

Soil preparation:

To get good quality coriander leaves like nursery, the quality of the soil should be chosen properly and enough care should be taken.

For this make soil by mixing 70% gardener soil and 30% vermicompost. Will work on any clay or loam soil. A day before sowing the soil, dry it in the hot sun for a whole day to make it crunchy.

Nature and size of tub:

There is no reason to buy a clay tub for a tub. You can use plastic pots or small wide-mouthed buckets at home. Make some cuts with a drill machine behind the bucket, it will improve the soil drainage system.

Then small stone chips or brick pieces are filled in the bottom of the pot so that the soil does not come out due to water washing.

Sowing technique:

Follow all previous steps on potting soil before sowing seeds. Do not fill the entire pot. Leave a minimum space of 3 inches at the top.

Now take the soaked seeds of the previous day and spread them on the ground. Sprinkle the water in which the seeds were soaked on the soil and spread it slowly around.

Then take some soil from above and spread it on top and make a layer so that the seeds are covered.

Finally, take the pot and place it in a well-ventilated area near the window or on the corner of the balcony or roof. Harsh sun but beware of Coriander enemies.


Fill a sprayer with water and keep spraying until the soil is thoroughly soaked. After 2-3 days, if you see the soil drying up, spray water again. Overwatering is bound to cause fungus on coriander plants.

After waiting for 4-5 days you will see seedlings in small rows and after 10-12 days you can cut the leaves. One seed will give you 3-4 times yield.


Coriander is highly attacked by ants so you can use Pyrfrost to prevent it. Clean regularly if there are weeds. If you want to give chemical fertilizers, you can dissolve urea and DAP in water and give it at the root of the plant. If you are careful you will get benefits

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