Do not do homework day after day, the father set fire to his son in anger!

Newshub18:Do not do homework day after day, the father set fire to his son in anger!

It is very difficult to educate the younger members of the household. Many times the parents lose patience and are forced to raise their hands on the children. But no one can imagine that the punishment for not doing homework can be so terrible. The father set his son on fire for not doing his homework. Even after hearing his son’s screams, his heart did not melt, he saw his son burning to death in front of his eyes.

This inhuman incident happened in Pakistan. It is known that on Tuesday, September 14 of last week, Nazir, a resident of Orangi, Pakistan, set fire to his 12-year-old son Shahir. According to a report in The Dawn newspaper, the 12-year-old boy’s father set him on fire to punish him for not doing his homework. Later, the accused was arrested by the police based on the complaint of the mother of the teenager.

According to the mother of the dead teenager, Nazir was teaching her son on the afternoon of September 14. For not doing his homework two days ago, he got angry with his son. After taking him outside the house, he poured kerosene on the boy and set him on fire. Later, the boy’s mother saw him, rescued him with the help of neighbors and took him to a local hospital. The teenager died there during the treatmentThe accused was produced in the district court on Monday this week.

The accused has been ordered to be kept in police custody till September 24. Meanwhile, accused Nazir said that he had no plan to kill his son. He sprinkled kerosene on the boy to scare him for not doing his school homework every day. A deslai was lit to scare. But as soon as he dropped that deslai on the ground, it caught fire.

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