DNA-based biological weapons are being created! Killing can be selective, the killer will not be caugh

Newshub18 :DNA-based biological weapons are being created! Killing can be selective, the killer will not be caugh.

Washington: Bioweapons are no longer a fantasy in the 21st century. But, ever heard of a bioweapon that uses a DNA profile to attack only a specific person? It may sound like a science fiction story. However, these types of weapons are now very real. Various countries are suspected to be carrying out such bio-layering. Last Friday, Jason Crowe, one of the members of the Intelligence Committee of the US “House of Representatives” and representative of Colorado, warned about the danger of this new type of weapon. That’s why the Colorado senator warned against sharing their DNA profiles.

Jason Crowe gave a speech at the Aspen Security Forum on Friday about the dangers of this new type of biological weapon. There he said, “Bio-weapons are being developed using the DNA of that person to kill only a specific person. It is not too late for this new type of weapon. So don’t be careless about sharing DNA with non-governmental organizations. Otherwise you could become a target of such a biological weapon. which will kill you or remove you from the battlefield or incapacitate you. Taking someone’s DNA means knowing their entire medical profile.”

He also said that DNA testing services are expanding at present. Customers voluntarily share their genetic mapping with these private centers. They want to know more about their ancestry and health. And these biological weapons are being developed by exploiting this trend. Most private DNA testing companies claim that they do not sell customers’ personal information. But, DNA testing companies share customer information when asked by the police. So the question remains about the authenticity of their words.

But not only Crowe, the US Senate also raised the issue of this type of DNA-based bioweapon. Iowa Senator Johnny Ernst, a member of the Armed Services Committee, claimed that adversaries of the United States, such as China and Russia, are developing such DNA-based bioweapons. Such a weapon could be deployed to launch a massive attack on the US food supply. Ernst also said, let’s say the US civilian population depends on the meat of certain animals for the military. Those particular animals can be targets for biological weapons. As a result of which food shortage can be seen in that country. As a result the population will be weakened.

That is, the House of Representatives and the Senate – both chambers of the US Parliament – ​​have raised concerns about the development of such biological weapons. But, is it really possible to develop such a weapon in reality? Or is it just a theoretical idea? An article in the Washington Examiner earlier this week discussed Jason Crowe’s claims of biological weapons. According to the article, it would be extremely easy to create such a weapon using personal information. That said, it makes no sense to use only that person’s DNA to develop a bioweapon to be used against a specific person. The weapon can even be made using the DNA of that person’s close relatives.

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DNA can also be used to target entire populations of a particular community. If such technology is developed, it will be possible to kill a specific person very precisely. At the same time, the killers will also become more difficult to find. DNA-based bioweapons can also be developed to target a specific type of farm animal or farm production. The use of the same technology in agriculture can cause massive damage. This can lead to starvation in an area. Which can cause the downfall of an entire country

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