Disco Dancer’s ‘Jimmy Jimmy Aaja Aaja’ is now a protest song in China, going viral

Newshub18:Disco Dancer’s ‘Jimmy Jimmy Aaja Aaja’ is now a protest song in China, going viral.1982 famous Bollywood film ‘Disco Dancer’. Equally famous as the Mithun Chakraborty starrer is the song ‘Jimmy Jimmy Aaja Aaja’ composed by Bappi Lahiri. And this Bollywood song has suddenly become very popular in China. Millions of Chinese citizens are currently under house arrest due to the government’s zero-tolerance policy against the Covid-19 pandemic. They are not getting many essential products. And to express their anger, Chinese citizens have used this famous Bollywood song.

Chinese citizens are now under pressure from Beijing’s zero-covid policy. Shanghai, a city of more than two and a half million people, is now completely at a standstill. In several other Chinese cities, residents have been forced to stay in their apartments for the past few weeks. In this situation, China is making and posting videos with the song ‘Jimmy Jimmy…’ on social media platforms. However, instead of ‘Jimmy Jimmy’ they are singing, ‘Jie Mi, Jie Mi’.

In Mandarin, the word ‘Jie Mi’ means ‘give me rice’. In these social media videos, Chinese citizens show empty pots to the tune of Jie Mi Jie Mi to highlight how they are being deprived of essential food items during this imposed lockdown. Any anti-government content is quickly removed by the Chinese government. However, Beijing has not yet censored the videos of the song ‘Jie Mi Jie Mi’. It is believed that because of the cover of Bollywood hit songs, these videos cannot be removed directly by the Xi Jinping government.

The Chinese citizens are not taking this zero covid policy of the Chinese government very well. Many people are protesting this long lockdown not only through the video of the song ‘Jie Mee Jee Mee’ but also on the streets. However, all these protests are being suppressed with strict hands. Numerous videos of lockdown protesters being harassed by Chinese security personnel have also gone viral on Chinese social media.

Recently, at an iPhone assembling factory in Zhengzhou, northern China, workers staged a walkout, complaining of the coronavirus outbreak and unsafe working conditions. Before that, many workers of the factory were infected with Corona, they were quarantined in the factory. In a viral video, workers were seen fleeing the factory roof with their belongings.

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