Demonstrations across the United States demanding tougher firearms laws

Newshub18:Demonstrations across the United States demanding tougher firearms laws.

Thousands strike in USA over tens of thousands of protestersThis demand has been reinforced in the country after two incidents of arbitrary killings of gunmen.

The slogan of those who took part in the procession was, “I want freedom from being shot”Many were carrying placards saying, “Save our children, not firearms.” President Joe Biden supported the protestHowever, the possibility of such a law being passed is slim in the United States because there is a strong belief that Republicans will oppose it.

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Nineteen children and two adults were killed in an indiscriminate shooting by a gunman on May 24 at Rob Elementary School in Texas.Ten people were killed in another incident in Buffalo, New York.

These two incidents reinforce the demand for tighter gun control in the United States.The March for Our Lives, a firearms safety group made up of 2,018 survivors of the Florida Parkland school shooting, said on Saturday it had organized 450 rallies across the country.

David Hogg, a survivor of a Parkland school shooting for protesters in Washington DC, said: “We should have been angry, we should have demanded change – not endless debate, but demand change now.”

“We are here to demand justice,” Garnell Whitfield, whose 8-year-old mother was shot dead in Buffalo, New York, on May 14, told a rally in Washington.

We have gathered here with those who are firmly in favor of the ‘Sensitive Firearms Act’.

Among other things, the MFOL called for a ban on assault weapons, a national licensing system where gun owners ‘names would be registered, and an investigation into gun owners’ past lives

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