Deadly security flaws in iPhone, iPad and Mac

Newshub18 :Deadly security flaws in iPhone, iPad and Mac.

Deadly security flaws found in iPhone, iPad and Mac devices By exploiting this flaw, hackers can take full control of the device. After learning about the matter, the US technology manufacturer Apple quickly updated the software.
Important security features have been added to the updated software, Apple said. They also suggested using updated security software quickly to stay safe.

Apple has updated the software for all subsequent versions of the iPhone, starting from the iPhone 6s. In addition, software updates are available for iPad Pro, iPad Air 2 and later versions, and iPad fifth and later generations. Users of iPad mini 4 and later versions, iPod touch (seventh generation) can also update the software. Apple also asked Mac OS Monterey operating system users to update their software.

Apple said hackers could exploit WebKit (the Safari web browser’s engine) by exploiting the vulnerability. As a result, hackers can take full control of the device if the user accesses maliciously programmed web content. However, no cyber attack information has been found using this error so far

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