Danger if these apps are on the smartphone

Newshub18 :Danger if these apps are on the smartphone

Many people save personal information as well as passwords of various financial institutions and services on their smartphones. And so the cyber criminals collect the credit card information starting from the e-mail address, telephone number by inserting malware in the smartphone through the app.

The cyber security company ‘Dithri Lab’ has found 16 such harmful apps in the Play Store. According to the company, no one is aware of the harmful aspects of the apps. Users also use the apps with ease as they get a place in the Play Store, avoiding the eyes of Google’s security systemGoogle has already removed most of the malicious apps from the Play Store, according to security researchers.

  18 Apps Wich are harmful 

However, apps on users’ smartphones are still capable of collecting and smuggling information. That’s why security experts have advised users to quickly delete apps from their smartphonesHarmful 18 apps are Document Manager, Coin Track Loan-Online Loan, Cool Caller Screen, PSD Oth Protector, RGB Emoji Keyboard, Camera Translator Pro, Fast PDF Scanner, Air Balloon Wallpaper, Colorful Messenger, Thug Fat, Peace SMS, Happy Photo Collage, PaletteMessages, Smart Keyboard, FourK Wallpapers and Original Messenger.

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Cyber ​​security experts say that in order to protect yourself from harmful apps, you need to find out about the developers online before downloading the app. You need to know the experience of other users about the app. You should also refrain from downloading the app by clicking on the unfamiliar link found online

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