Cut people’s heads and roast them! Spell bowl with skull

Newshub18 :Cut people’s heads and roast them! Spell bowl with skull

Humans are living in the modern era with the huge advancement of information technology. His behavior and appearance have changed drastically. But there are still some species of people in different parts of the world, the light of progress has not yet reached them. Those people who are still used to primitive customs. Among them there are many peoples who are cannibals by nature. There are such people in Southeast Asia. The people live in Eslaka, a swamp in Indonesia. Name is Asmat. People of that community eat human flesh as a festival and ritual. The men of that community asserted their bravery through this custom.

The cannibals kill their enemies. Kill and eat their flesh. Basically the human head is cut off and the bark removed. After that it is roasted and eaten by the Asmat people. The flesh is also eaten. They also do not throw away human jaws and spines. Jewelry is made using that part of the human body. That jewelry is worn by the men of the community. To show bravery, there is a trend of wearing jewelry made of human body parts among those people in Indonesia. Besides, there is also a trend among them of dividing the human skull into two parts and using it as a bowl.

Asmat people are considered to be very religious. They deeply follow the various customs of their religion. People of the Asmat group think that humans are compared to trees. They think that the human head is like the fruit of a tree. They asserted their valor by killing their enemies and eating their flesh.

The Indonesian island of New Guinea has extensive lowland wetlands. The Asmat people live in an area of ​​about 25,000 square kilometers in that wetland. It is known that about 65 thousand people still live in that community

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