Cricketers don’t play for money: Sourav

Newshub18 :Cricketers don’t play for money: Sourav

What is the priority of cricketers in IPL now? Is the pride of playing for the country still pulling them? Given the current situation, it may be normal to ask such a question. Many star cricketers have left the national team without hesitation during the IPL, which has been widely criticized. But cricketers don’t seem to care. So the question is, are cricketers really sold for money?

Sourav Ganguly, however, does not think so. He does not believe that cricketers play for money. His statement in this regard is very clear, the cricketers are playing to impress themselves, to take their performance to a certain height. Legendary Indian captain and current president of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) said that playing for the country is a matter of pride for cricketers.

“Money is not always associated with the performance of cricketers,” Sourav told the Times of India. Otherwise Sunil Gavaskar, Rahul Dravid or Anil Kumble would not have been born. Gavaskars, Dravidians, Kumble were paid much less than the current cricketers of their time. But playing for India was a matter of great pride for them. They enjoyed the privilege of representing India. I don’t think cricketers only play for money. Every cricketer wants to win a big international tournament for the country. ‘

The BCCI has just sold the broadcasting rights of the IPL for a record amount. The amount of money is more than 46 thousand crore rupees. It is certain that the treasury of the Indian Cricket Board will flourish in the next five years. However, Saurabh sees the benefits of the BCCI’s long-term plan behind this. “We have been planning for two years on broadcasting rights,” he said. It was beautifully arranged. This has been a very good year for Indian cricket. Domestic cricket is back on the field. We ended it. The IPL has been well organized. The spectators returned to the field. Then sell the broadcasting rights. ‘

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