Create a new drive without losing data on the hard disk

Newshub18 :Create a new drive without losing data on the hard disk

Your computer’s C: / drive has about 400 GB of free space. But other drives do not have much free space so large files cannot be saved. However, if there is extra or more space in a drive on the computer’s hard disk, it is easy to create a new drive by using the Shrink Volume of the Windows operating system. However, for this, at least 50 percent of the space in the drive must be empty.

Data is not lost when creating new drives using the extra space of a specific drive. As a result, anyone in need of work can create a new drive. To do this, first run the Windows window by pressing the Windows Key and R together on a Windows computer. Then type diskmgmt.msc and press enter button to see all the partitions on the hard disk.Now you have to select the partition or drive to create a new drive by clicking on the right side of the mouse. Will. Now enter the amount of space to Shrink in MB: the amount of space for the new drive in the cell can be seen.

In case of C: / Drive, new drive should be made with less space than shown. Other drives can take up to 50 percent of the space. Here a new drive called Unallocated space will be created after a while by pressing the Shrink button to set the space as required (1000 for each gigabyte). If you select New Simple Volume by pressing the right mouse button on it, the Format Partition window will open. Here, by pressing Next, assign the following drive letter, set the drive letter, keep all the other settings and press Next. After formatting, pressing the Finish button will create a new drive.

What is a hard disk? How many types of computer hard disks and what are they?


You may know that computers are made of different components. And one of these components is the hard disk. For those who don’t know what a hard disk is (bangla), today’s article is for them.
Because through this article I will discuss the information on hard disk in detail. So read the whole article carefully.
If you give an example of a hard disk, you can clearly understand. Suppose you have a cupboard in your room. And put all your things in that cupboard.
In the same way a computer hard disk is like a cupboard in your room. Where all the data of the computer, the information can be stored in this hard disk.
Hard disk will be all the pictures, videos, audio, files, documents, files of the computer will be saved on this hard disk. When we turn off the computer, the computer hard disk will save all our information.

Again, when we turn on the computer, the computer will send us the information stored on the hard disk. This way the hard disk stores the information.

What is a hard disk? (What is Hard Disk in bangla)

Hard disk or hard drive is a device for storing computer data. Where computer data is stored, we can see or read it again later.
The hard disk has multiple concentric discs, called platters. It is covered with magnetic metal and the platters are attached to the magnetic head.

What is easy hard disk?

Simply put, a hard disk is a computer’s memory. Where different types of data are stored. Just like we use memory cards in mobiles, the memory of a computer is a hard disk.
Hopefully, you understand what a hard disk is. Let’s learn more about this from below.

How many types of hard disks and what are they?

The first hard disk was created in 1958 by Reynold and B Jonson. They both worked for IBM. In fact, the history of hard disk is very old.
However, the current hard disk has changed a lot compared to the past. The hard disks of this period have been divided into 4 parts. E.g.

pATA Hard Disk

SATA Hard Disk

SCSI Hard Disk

SSD Hard Disk

Let us know about this from below.

PATA Hard Disk

PATA means parallel advanced technology attachment. It’s a very old hard disk that took a long time to create. It was built between 1965 and 1966.

SATA Hard Disk

SATA means serial advanced technology attachment. The sata hard disk was much better than the pata and the speed was much higher. Its data speed was 500MB / s. And small cables were used in it.

SCSI Hard Disk

sCSI stands for small computer system interface. Data transfer would be much faster through this hard disk. Its data transfer speed is 600MB / s.

SSD Hard Disk

SSD stands for solid state drive. SSD is the hard disk we currently use.

How does the hard disk work?

We mainly use hard disks to store our data or information. And we can use that saved data again later.
But, how is this data or information stored on the hard disk? Or how does the hard disk work? Let’s find out about this from below.

Our data is not stored permanently on the hard disk. These are stored as gains in tiny particles in the magnetic pattern of the hard disk. And these gains are magnetic fields that store the data

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