Corona virus is coming from North Korea The claim is from China

Newshub18:Corona virus is coming from North Korea The claim is from China.

Corona virus is coming to China through the air from North Korea! As the contagion increases, so does the fog around the source.

That is why the citizens were ordered to close all the windows and doors of their houses in a Chinese city.A similar directive was recently issued in the Chinese city of Dandong, near the North Korean border. The number of corona attacks in the city has been under control since the beginning of the outbreak.

But over the past few weeks the infection has been on the rise. According to some experts, the virus is probably floating in the air from North Korea. Since then the infection has been increasing in this city. That’s why residents along the bordering Yalu River have been instructed to close all windows in their homes.

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Corona infections in Kim’s country have been a source of concern since last May. Statistics show that at least 3 million people in North Korea are currently infected with coronavirus. According to Go Myung-hyun, a researcher at the Asan Institute for Policy Studies, corona infections have occurred in North Korea from South Korea and China. This time this city of China gave them a counter.

However, many health experts do not support China’s decision. According to Leo Pun, a health expert at the University of Hong Kong, there is no evidence that the virus can spread so far through the air.

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