Corona infection is on the rise in India and Pakistan

Newshub18 :Corona infection is on the rise in India and Pakistan.

Coronavirus (Covid-19) infections are on the rise again in India. The number of infections in the country has risen by 45 percent in just one day, the country’s health ministry said Monday morning. In Karachi, Pakistan, the daily infection rate has exceeded 22 percent. This rate is the highest in the country. News from NDTV and Dawn
According to NDTV, citing the Union Ministry of Health, 16,063 patients have been identified in India in the last 24 hours since 8 am today. The number of patients identified on the previous day was 11,739. Within a day, patient identification increased by 45 percent. Daily detection rate is 5.62 percent.

In the last 24 hours, 21 more people have died in Kovid. This number is four less than the previous day. The number of covid patients identified in India has exceeded 4 crore 34 lakh 6 thousand. So far 5 lakh 25 thousand 20 people have died.
Infection is on the rise in the Indian capital, New Delhi. Since June 18, the number of contained zones in Delhi has increased by 60 per cent. According to official Delhi, the number of areas where the Covid restriction was imposed on June 17 was 190. On June 24, the number rose by 60 percent to 322.
Most patients are being identified in family or neighboring cluster areas. Authorities say tiny curved restricted areas are being implemented around one or two homes to control the infection. Typically, only three or more covid patients are identified and identified as restricted areas. However, understanding the situation somewhere, the district authorities are imposing these restrictions.

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Meanwhile, quoting Pakistan’s National Institutes of Health, Dawn reported that corona detection in the country’s Karachi city today stood at 22.75 percent. This rate is the highest in the country. The second highest identification rate in Muzaffarabad city is 6.25 percent. Notably, however, the identification rate is zero in several cities in Pakistan, such as Quetta, Gilgit, Swat and Multan.
The country’s National Institutes of Health said 13,412 samples had been identified in the last 24 hours. Of these, 372 corona have been identified. The previous day this number was 406. Daily detection rate is 2.75. The total number of identified patients has exceeded 15 lakh 34 thousand. The death toll from the deaths of two more has risen to 30,390.

Citing Malaysia’s health ministry, Xinhua said 2,033 coronas had been identified in the country in 24 hours by midnight on Sunday. Three of them are from outside the country. The total number of identified patients in the country has exceeded 45 lakh 56 thousand. Another death toll stood at 35,748.
The Peruvian government has announced that the fourth wave of the coronavirus epidemic has hit, AFP reported. The country’s health ministry made the announcement on Sunday. Peru is one of the countries with the highest mortality rate in the world. Health Minister Jorge Lopez told RPP Radio, “We are currently in the fourth wave as we see an increase in patient identification.”

According to government estimates, 1,600 patients were diagnosed every week earlier this month. That has risen to 11,000 in the last week. However, despite the increase in patient identification, there were no significant hospitalizations or deaths.
According to the statistics website WorldMeters on Monday, about 295,000 patients have been identified worldwide in the last 24 hours. The total number of identified patients has exceeded 54 crore 69 lakh 69 thousand. Another 538 people died during the same period. At the end of 2019, the virus spread to Wuhan, China, 83 million 50 thousand 758 people died.

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