Controversial remarks by BJP leaders about Mohammad! Effect on Kuwaiti shops

Newshub18:Controversial remarks by BJP leaders about Mohammad! Effect on Kuwaiti shops.

Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Iran, and finally Indonesia have reacted sharply to the controversial remarks made by two BJP leaders about the cleric Mohammad.,

Nupur sharma,she called the Indian ambassador and expressed concern. This time Indian products were removed from a supermarket in Kuwait. Staff at the Al-Ardia Cooperative Society store remove Indian tea and other products from a shelf and place them in a trolley.

He said that it was their protest against “anti-Islam”. The shelves, which housed Indian rice, spices and other products, were stored in a store outside Kuwait City. Written in Arabic, “We have removed Indian products.” The store’s CEO, Nasser al-Mutairi, said: “We, the Kuwaiti Muslims, will not insult the Prophet Muhammad.”

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The BJP on Sunday suspended the party’s national spokesperson Nupur Sharma. Another of his teammates Naveen Kumar Jindal has been expelled. Jindal used to run the media wing of the Delhi BJP. Earlier, in a statement, the BJP said, “Many religions have flourished in India’s thousands of years of history.

The Bharatiya Janata Party respects all religions. The BJP is protesting against the humiliation of the leader of any religionAfter Nupur’s statement on the TV channel last week, violence spread in different places. Muslims protested. After that, Naveen Jindal posted a bad word about Mohammad on Twitter. After that a fire broke out in Kanpur. Forty people were injured in the clashes there on Friday. 20 of them are police personnel. So far 38 people have been arrested.

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