Chris opened up about Oscar’s slap

Newshub18:Chris opened up about Oscar’s slap.

Oscar-winning actor Will Smith slapped American comedian Chris Rock on March 28 of this year. The actor went straight on stage and slapped Chris for making fun of his wife. After the incident, Will Smith apologized to Chris Rock. Oscar authorities banned Smith for 10 years. His wife Jada first opened up about the incident last June. However, despite apologizing once, Smith did not elaborate on the much-criticized incident.

He opened his mouth last July after four months. Smith again apologized to Chris in a video message. In a video posted on YouTube, the actor said, ‘I am deeply sorry. I had no reason to behave that way at that time. But being human, I make mistakes. Chris, I apologize to you. My behavior was unacceptable. I’m ready to talk to you whenever you want.”However, there was no response from Chris Rock. When Chris finally spoke, breaking the silence, it was clear that his anger at Smith had not yet subsided.

Chris commented on the incident last Thursday during a show in Liverpool, United Kingdom. Shore co-performer Dave Chappelle asked at one point, whether he was hurt in that bad incident (the slap at the Oscars) or not? Chris replied, “Well…that (inexplicable) hit me with a joke that was the best joke I’ve ever told.” Standup comedian Dave Chappelle also spoke about the much-criticized incident. He also washed Will Smith, ‘Will was known as a perfect man for the last thirty years. But when his mask was unmasked, he was just as ugly as us. Whatever the outcome after that incident…hopefully, he will not mask again, live with his true self.

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