China tested the flying car, the speed of 230 km per hour

Newshub18:China tested the flying car, the speed of 230 km per hour.Flying cars have been seen in science fiction for years. With the help of advanced technology, the science fiction flying car is about to become a reality. It is known that a group of Chinese scientists recently tested such a car. China’s national news agency Xinhua reported this information. Scientists at Jiaotong University in Southwest China’s Sichuan Province tested the flying car last week, according to information provided by China News Agency. A video of this test has also spread on social media.

The passenger four wheeler has been improved in that car. The car rises 35 millimeters above the ground on the contactor rail. It is known that the magnetic levitation (maglev) technology has been used in the flying car. Eight strips of strong magnets were placed under the car. The test was conducted in an area of ​​about 8 km long. Chinese media reports claimed that cars were rising from the ground while passing through.

The report claimed that the speed of one of the cars had reached 230 km per hourAccording to media reports in that country, the government transport agency conducted the test to assess safety while driving. Professor Deng Zhigang of Jiaotong University claims that using magnetic levitation to drive passenger cars will reduce energy consumption. In the 1980s, commercial trains were operated using magnetic levitation technology. China, Japan, South Korea operate trains using maglev technology

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