China is the biggest threat to India too…’! Explosive Sunak against Beijing

Newshub18 :China is the biggest threat to India too…’! Explosive Sunak against Beijing.

As chancellor he showed soft attitude towards China. Again and again the opposition used to raise this charge against Rishi Sunak. By competing for the post of Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, he wanted to shake off that bad name. On Monday, he identified China as the “biggest threat” to the security of Britain and the world. He said that starting from the United States, China has also targeted India. Rishi Sunak also promised to form a NATO-like military alliance to counter China’s ‘technological aggression’.

According to a PTI report, Sunak said, “The biggest threat to the security and prosperity of Britain and the world this century is China and the Chinese Communist Party. I will build a new international alliance of independent nations to counter Chinese cyber-threats and share the best security technologies with each other. China has targeted countries from the US to India. I am confident of building a broad coalition involving countries from around the world.”

Sunak also accused China of supporting Russia’s fascist invasion of Ukraine, threatening Taiwan, and violating human rights in Xinjiang and Hong Kong. He said, “They (China) are grabbing their resources by lending to developing countries, using the cycle of debt to hold a diplomatic gun to their heads. Torture their own people, including in Xinjiang and Hong Kong. They constantly devalue their currencies and manipulate the global economy to their advantage.”

In addition, Sunak also accused China of stealing British technology and infiltrating British universities. Sunak said he would close all Confucius Institutes in the UK if he became Prime Minister. Incidentally, the UK has the largest number of Confucius Institutes in the world, 30 in total. These institutes are run around the world to teach Chinese culture and language. The Chinese government provides all the money to run these institutes. But critics claim that Confucius Institutes are actually propaganda tools of the Chinese Communist government. Sunak also said, “All the UK government’s money for teaching Mandarin in schools is spent through the Confucius Institute. As a result, China is promoted.”

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Sunak has also accused China of industrial espionage. The Indian-born British politician has also promised to expand Britain’s security system to rein in Beijing. He said: “I will expand the scope of MI5 to provide greater support to British businesses and universities in combating Chinese industrial espionage. We will partner with governments and security agencies to create a toolkit that will help organizations protect intellectual property

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