China is taking up arms again! This time, Xi Jinping’s country is making “nuclear robots”.

Newshub18 :China is taking up arms again! This time, Xi Jinping’s country is making “nuclear robots”.

After showing blood to Japan and Taiwan, China is now going to strengthen its military power against Australia. China has already claimed that it has succeeded in designing a long-range torpedo. These torpedoes are said to be nuclear powered and can attack Australia within a week without being within range of anyone. Also, China says that these torpedoes will run through very small nuclear reactors. And because of this they have succeeded in keeping this weapon small.

Notable among these is that these nuclear reactors self-destruct after use, according to Chinese scientists. In this case, China has big plans with this torpedo. Additionally, they are building a fleet of low-cost “killer robots” that can be carried inside military ships or submarines. They can even be placed inside a torpedo tube. In this context, according to the South China Morning Post, it is known that China can use this torpedo when these submarines are in the country’s territorial waters.

China would be able to attack with an entire force of torpedoes: an attack on an enemy country’s territorial waters is much more difficult than an attack by warships or fighter jets. In such a situation, China could attack with an entire army of torpedoes inside the Pacific Ocean within a week. It is reported that the Chinese scientists have just completed the design of this weapon and now it will be finalized. In this context, Chinese scientist Guo Jian said, this technology will be very cheap and easy to use. This weapon will be manufactured on a large scale.

In addition, the Chinese scientist also said that the use of this nuclear torpedo can be used in the case of nuclear submarine attacks. At the same time, other scientists of the world have compared it with Russia’s very powerful Poseidon system. The Poseidon is a Russian nuclear weapon used as both a torpedo and a drone. Russia claims that even its current nuclear defenses will not be able to stop its weapons.

Agreements signed with Australia, Britain and America: Also, Russia said, this weapon could destroy a coastal city or an aircraft carrier in one blow. Meanwhile, an attack armed with a nuclear warhead could also trigger a tsunami. In this case, Australia concluded an agreement with Britain and America. Under which they are building several nuclear submarines. In such a scenario, these Chinese weapons may prove dangerous for them

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