China demands “massive progress” in developing new nuclear weapons

Newshub18:China demands “massive progress” in developing new nuclear weapons

China’s Defense Minister Wei Fenghi has claimed that China has made “significant progress” in developing new nuclear weapons. But China will only use nuclear weapons for self-defense. He said he would never use this weapon before.
He made the remarks at a security conference titled “Shangri-La Dialogue” in Singapore on Sunday. News Reuters.

China is building more than 100 new nuclear missile silos (underground arsenals) in the east of the country, according to multiple reports last year. In response to a question, Fenghi said, “China has always followed the right path in acquiring a nuclear capability for the country’s security.”

The Chinese defense minister said nuclear weapons were on display at the 2019 military parade in Beijing, along with more advanced launchers of China’s DF-41 intercontinental ballistic missile.

These nuclear weapons are ready for use and are in place.
“China has been building capacity for five decades,” Fenghi said. It would not be an exaggeration to say that huge progress has been made in this sector. China has maintained its policy. We will use this ability for self-defense. We will not use nuclear weapons in the first place. ”

He said the main purpose of China’s nuclear arsenal was to prevent nuclear war. We have increased our nuclear capabilities to protect the hard work of the Chinese people and to protect our people from the horrors of nuclear war.

Last year, the US State Department said it was concerned about China’s growing stockpile of nuclear weapons. They say Beijing is moving away from a nuclear strategy based on a minimum resistance against the adversary.
The US State Department has called on China to hold talks with the United States on “taking practical steps to reduce the risk of a volatile arms race.

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