Boris Johnson resigns as UK finance and health minister

Newshub18 :Boris Johnson resigns as UK finance and health minister.

UK Finance Minister Rishi Sunak and Health Minister Sajid Javid have resigned. They submitted their resignations on Tuesday, local time. Prime Minister Boris Johnson is under pressure to defend the government following the resignation of two influential ministers. News from BBC and Al-Jazeera.
According to the BBC, Rishi Sunak wrote in his resignation letter, ‘I am shocked to leave the government post. But it is no longer possible to continue working like this. ‘

Sage Sunak further writes, ‘The people hope that the government will be run properly, efficiently and seriously. I believe it is important to fight for these standards. And that’s why I resigned. ”
On the other hand, Sajid Javid has said that he does not have confidence in Prime Minister Boris Johnson. He no longer believes that Boris Johnson has the ability to defend the national interest by being embroiled in one scandal after another. So he no longer wants to be in Johnson’s government.

Boris Johnson was criticized for organizing multiple parties in violation of the Corona Rules. He also publicly apologized for this. However, he was under pressure to resign over the issue. Although he went north on the no-confidence motion brought against him in Parliament.

But Boris Johnson’s ability to run the government has drawn widespread criticism from within and outside his own party. He has recently been involved in a new scandal. Boris Johnson already knew about the allegations of sexual misconduct against Conservative MP Chris Pincher. Even after that, Prime Minister Johnson made him the Deputy Chief Whip of the government.

Boris Johnson apologized again when the incident became public. However, his own party has demanded his resignation this time. He is under a lot of pressure. Meanwhile, the announcement of the resignation of two influential ministers of the government has further increased the pressure on him to retain the post of Prime Minister

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