Boris johnson leaving the post of prime minister

Newshub18 :Boris Johnson resigned as party chief, leaving the post of prime minister.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been forced to step down as party chief under unprecedented pressure from the government and the party. He also announced his resignation from the post of Prime Minister.Boris Johnson resigned as head of the ruling Conservative Party on Thursday. He later said in a speech that it was time to elect a new prime minister. The BBC reports that Boris Johnson said in a speech that the deadline for choosing a new prime minister would be announced next week.

Boris tried to retain power by Thursday morning. However, as the resignations of the party’s MPs continue, it becomes clear that it will not be possible to run the government. He has to move.

The BBC’s political editor Chris Mason said in a live broadcast that Boris was about to resign as party chief. And through this, about 48 hours of drama came to an endThe months of political unrest surrounding the Boris Johnson-led government took on new dimensions last Tuesday. The Finance Minister and the Health Minister resigned just 10 minutes later.

Then came the wave of resignation and no-confidence of junior ministers and MPs. There was a flood of resignations on Wednesday. Gone until late at night. In 24 hours, more than 40 ministers and associates resigned. By this morning, about half a hundred people had stopped.

Earlier on Wednesday evening, a group of senior ministers went to Downing Street to persuade the prime minister to resign. However, Boris Johnson remained adamant about not resigning. He said he had no intention of resigning as he had received a “huge mandate” from voters in the last election. He gave the same indication in the session of the parliament. But even today the trend of resignation from the cabinet and the party continues. Many of them expressed their distrust in the Prime Minister and announced their resignation. Boris finally succumbed to the pressure.

Boris became prime minister less than three years ago after winning a landslide victory in the general election. But in recent months, he has been embroiled in controversy. These include organizing parties and paying fines for breaking the lockdown restrictions imposed on the coronavirus epidemic.
Dissatisfaction was heightened when the Prime Minister did not take into account allegations of sexual harassment against one of the Conservative MPs

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