Boarder in favor of lifting captaincy ban on Warner

Newshub18 :Boarder in favor of lifting captaincy ban on Warner.

What is the crime of scratching? He must be punished for so long! Fielders try to scratch the ball when they get the ball in hand. Because, if reverse swing is obtained by scraping the ball on a cracked wicket, what is wrong with that? Alan Boarder is very much like that. And this former captain, who won the World Cup for Australia, thinks that the ban that Cricket Australia (CA) has maintained on the captaincy of David Warner should be lifted.

Ball-Distortion and Warner-

When these two names are uttered together, the controversial incident of the 2018 Cape Town Test comes to the fore. He was accused of ball-tampering in the Test against South Africa by Australia captain Steve Smith, David Warner and Cameron Bancroft. Smith and Warner were banned for a year. Bancroft was banned for 9 months. Two years after the incident, Smith was banned from captaincy by Cricket Australia (CA). But Warner was banned from captaincy for life by CA, which is yet to be lifted. However, in recent media reports, CA is thinking of lifting this ban from Warner.

Boarder, one of the greatest captains in Australian history, opened up just then. According to him, Warner has been punished for his actions, although the actions for which he has been punished are more or less seen in all versions of cricket. “First of all, I think the punishment is too much… it should be lifted,” Boarder told the West Australian today. They have been punished. The work that we have been able to catch, is also done by other groups. If the captains of all the teams swear with their hands on their chests and say “I didn’t do such a thing”, then they are lying.’

Boarder believes that ball-tampering is done ‘naturally’ outside of sheet paper, bottle-necks to get batsmen out on cracked wickets. Naturally, if you can change the shape of the ball a little bit by hand without using anything, you should be allowed to do that. From this point of view, the former captain who won the 1987 World Cup for Australia said, ‘Reverse swing is a great skill. Batsmen can also be dismissed on flat wickets. One idea is that the ball should never be touched, and the other is that most people think it should be allowed to. Because, what happens when you get the ball in hand..The ball is scratched slowly over time, as if to get a reverse swing…what’s wrong with that?’

A ground has been named after the 66-year-old boarder from the Queensland Cricket Foundation. Boarder came to a campaign in this field and said the words

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