Block or ban? Battlegrounds Mobile India What is the current situation in India?

Newshub18 :Block or ban? Battlegrounds Mobile India What is the current situation in India?

Battlegrounds Mobile India (Battlegrounds Mobile India) was launched in India last year as an alternative to PUBG Mobile. But that game too is now history in India. Several Chinese apps, including PUBG Mobile, were banned in India in 2020. The decision to ban the apps was made in the interest of national security. Now the government has ordered to block the game Battlegrounds Mobile India or BGMI Banned from Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Then the BGMI game was removed from the respective app stores of Google and Apple from last Thursday night. They are no longer available for download either.

A statement was issued by Google shortly after Thursday evening removing the game from the Play Store after receiving instructions from the government. But after removing it from the App Store, Apple has not yet spoken about it. Google has made it clear that they were forced to remove the game only after such instructions came from the government.

A Google spokesperson told media outlet India Today, “After the order was received, we informed the developer following certain procedures and blocked access to the app available on the Play Store in India.” Now if we click on BGMI app, it will show ‘not available in your region.’

Meanwhile, the game’s developer company, Crafton, claims that they do not know the reason why the game was ordered to be banned. They added, “We are working to resolve the issues by talking to the government and trying to bring the game back to India as soon as possible. I will be able to inform you about the reason why the game has been banned only after getting specific information.”

Those who already have the BGMI game can still continue playing. But if you want to download the game again, it will not be possible. While it is not clear why the game was banned, it is believed to be due to some rule violations.
Last week the issue of Battlegrounds Mobile India ban was raised in the Rajya Sabha. The manner in which this action game is having a harmful effect on children was discussed in the Rajya Sabha to find a solution. A few days ago, an incident in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, shocked the countrymen. Mother wanted to stop her child from playing BGMI game. The son got angry and killed his mother.

Now there is a lot of confusion whether Battlegrounds Mobile India game is really banned in India or not. Now if Crafton is able to successfully address the government’s concerns, the game will soon be back on the app stores

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