Bill Gates unveiled his 46 year old CV! Everyone was shocked to see that

Newshub18:Bill Gates unveiled his 46 year old CV! Everyone was shocked to see that.

People who don’t know Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, are hard to find in the world. In addition, his name is at the top of the list of the world’s richest people. Bill Gates is currently the fourth richest person in the world. His net worth is ২ 122.4 billion. In this situation, this time Bill Gates has released a CV (Curriculum Vitae) which is 47 years old.

Everyone is surprised to see that. Basically, we know that in order to apply for a job, candidates have to submit a CV. Where in addition to the identity of the concerned applicant, more detailed information including his educational qualifications are provided. So, undoubtedly this is an important thing. Besides, everyone is careful while making it.

However, this time Bill Gates, one of the richest people in the world, has released his first CV to boost the confidence of millions of young people and job seekers around the world. For his followers, 8-year-old Bill Gates has shared his CV from LinkedIn about 47 years ago today. Not only that, he wrote to his followers in this context, “Whether you graduate recently or drop out of college, I’m sure your CV will look much better than my resume of 47 years ago.” At the time Bill Gates was better known as William Henry Gates III.

In addition, this CV during his first year at Harvard College provides detailed information about Bill Gates. In addition, the founder of Microsoft mentioned that he has taken courses in operating system structure, database management, computer graphics and many moreIn this case, the users have expressed interest in this CV as soon as it is released. Already many users have said that the biography of Bill Gates is very perfect and they also thank Bill Gates for sharing it with everyone. Also, one user wrote, “Thank you for sharing this. Excellent one page biography. We should all keep an eye on our previous CVs. Sometimes, we forget how much we have done and achieved in our lives.


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