Biden will visit Saudi Arabia and Israel

Newshub18:Biden will visit Saudi Arabia and Israel.

US President Joe Biden will visit Saudi Arabia and Israel next month. News Reuters.
The White House plans to officially announce Biden’s visit this week. A source familiar with the plan said in a statement on SundayThe source said Biden’s visit was expected to take place in mid-July. A spokesman for the US National Security Council confirmed that Biden was planning to visit Saudi Arabia and Israel.

The spokesman said they did not have the details of the visit. However, they will make an announcement soon.The purpose of Biden’s visit to Saudi Arabia will be to strengthen Washington’s ties with Riyadh. During Biden’s visit to Saudi Arabia, he may have a meeting with the country’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.The White House is working to arrange a meeting between the two leaders, CNN reported last month.

Prince Mohammed bin Salman is de facto ruler of Saudi Arabia. Biden could face criticism in his home country if he meets with her.At one point, he sharply criticized the Saudi leadership for its role in human rights, the war in Yemen, and the assassination of journalist Jamal Khasogi

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