Biden is calm after hearing Bolsonaro’s allegations

Newshub18:Biden is calm after hearing Bolsonaro’s allegations.

Brazil’s Conservative president Jair Bolsonaro has complained to US President Joe Biden. However, Biden was calm after hearing Bolsonaro’s allegations.

News AFP.
Balsonaro complained about international interference in the protection of the Amazon rainforest. “Sometimes we feel our sovereignty in the Amazon region is under threat,” he said.
Biden responded calmly to Bolsonaro’s allegations. He also said that the rest of the world should cooperate with Bolsonaro to keep Amazon safe.

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Balsonaro on Thursday criticized international pressure on the Amazon rainforest over the issue of climate change. Bolsonaro met Biden at a side meeting of the Americas Summit in Los Angeles.

Speaking to Biden at the meeting, Bolsonaro said, “Brazil’s resources are the Amazon rainforest. The Amazon is larger than the western part of Europe.

The Amazon forest is the source of countless natural resources, biodiversity, mineral resources, drinking water and oxygen. ‘The Brazilian leader complained: But Brazil knows how to defend its territory well. ”

Bolsonoro added: “We have a difficult time dealing with environmental issues. But we do our best to protect our interests. ”Bolsonaro is known as the champion of agribusiness.

He has been criticized by environmentalists for his actions on the Amazon rainforest.
U.S. President Joe Biden was relatively calm in the face of Bolsonoro’s accusations and criticism.

He calmed Bolsonoro, saying Brazil had sacrificed to keep the Amazon safe. Speaking to Bolsonaro, Biden also said, “I think the rest of the world should help you keep Amazon safe.”

This is the first such meeting between Biden and Bolsonaro. Bolsonaro is known as a friend of former US President Donald Trump. Trump questioned the legitimacy of the US and Brazilian elections.

Bolsonaro told Biden that Brazil wants transparent elections next October. Biden did not elaborate on the election. However, Biden’s national security adviser, Jack Sullivan, had previously said that Biden would not make any concessions for a transparent election.

Balsonaro lags behind former Brazilian president and leftist leader Luiz Inিওcio Lula da Silva in opinion polls. Lula da Silva is in jail on corruption charges. There is controversy over allegations of corruption.

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