Biden fell off his bicycle

Newshub18 :Biden fell off his bicycle

US President Joe Biden fell while riding a bicycle. However, Biden was not injured and is in good health. The White House said in a statement that he had spent the day happily with his family on a bicycle.

The accident took place on Saturday (June 18) morning.
US President Joe Biden was in a holiday mood over the weekend, AFP reported. He and his wife, Jill Biden, rode out on a bicycle near their home in Delaware yesterday, local time. And at the end of that cycling disaster happened. He suddenly fell.

The US president was riding a bicycle near Rehobot beach with US First Lady Jill Biden. Biden stopped to talk to someone standing on the side of the road. At that moment he suddenly fell. Local people and journalists were present there at that time. The 69-year-old leader fell off his bicycle and said, “I’m fine.”

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Meanwhile, the US President fell on the road but did not get any injuries. A White House statement later said Biden did not need a medical examination. He will spend the rest of the day with his family.Earlier, Joe Biden broke his leg while playing with his pet dog shortly after he was elected president in 2020. However, in 2021, doctors said, Biden’s body is good.

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