Biden announced the increase of military power in all areas in Europe

Newshub18 :Biden announced the increase of military power in all areas in Europe

US President Joe Biden has announced that he will strengthen NATO by strengthening its military presence in Europe. The summit of the Western military alliance NATO is underway in Madrid, the capital of Spain. Biden made the announcement during a meeting with NATO Secretary-General Ian Stellenberg on Wednesday.
Announcing an increase in US involvement in NATO forces in Europe, Biden said the alliance was needed more than ever. NATO will be strengthened in all aspects of land, air and sea.

Biden added that the number of destroyers in the US Navy in Spain would be increased from four to six. The permanent headquarters of the Fifth Army Corps will be established in Poland. There will be an additional brigade in Romania. This brigade of three thousand warriors and two thousand more soldiers will take turns.
According to Biden’s announcement, the Baltic states will take turns extending their tenure. Two additional squadrons of F-35 stealth warplanes will be deployed in the UK. Additional capabilities will be added to Germany and Italy, as well as other capabilities.
“We are going to work with all our allies to make sure that NATO is ready to deal with threats from all sides,” Biden said.
“Russian President Vladimir Putin has disturbed the peace of Europe,” he said. We have attacked the rule of law ideology. In this situation, the United States and our allies are moving forward together. We are going to prove that NATO needs more now than ever before, it’s more important. ”

Biden also spoke in support of the US Alliance, but said that maintaining some independence was important for France and Sweden. He says Putin’s strategy of invading Ukraine has backfired. “This is exactly what Putin did not want,” Biden said. But the move was needed to ensure Europe’s security.

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