Ben Stokes is a ‘unique’ captain in England’s 145-year history

Newshub18 :Bean Stokes is a ‘unique’ captain in England’s 145-year history

England spinner Jack Leach has told BBC Sport that Ben Stokes has replaced him after taking ten wickets in two innings in the third match of a three-match Test series at home against New Zealand.

At the end of the fourth day’s play, Leach told Ben Stokes, “Stokes’ thinking as captain is clear. It helps me to ball. He has plans, we follow his plans. What he is doing as captain is incredible.”

Despite being one of the best batsmen of all time in the Test format, England’s regular Test captain Joe Root stepped down after the series loss against the West Indies, and then the England Cricket Board was handed over to Ben Stokes, who led the team in an aggressive manner in his first seriesThe win is currently against New Zealand, one of the best teams in Test cricket.However, Ben Stokes was not exactly the captain of England even five years ago. Even last year Stokes ’cricket game was uncertain.

Stokes was sidelined for a six-month hiatus in 2021 due to mental illness, before he suffered a finger injury while playing in the Indian Premier League.

All of this happened within months of ‘ father’s death, which was a ‘dark time’ for him.

In 2016, Ben Stokes was directly involved in a fight at a bar in Bristol. That incident went to court, but Ben Stokes was not punished. He asserted that his confession had been obtained through torture and that his confession had been obtained through torture.

Earlier in 2013, the young Stokes was punished for drinking on a tour for the England Lions.

He was one of those things – the England Cricket Board – who is usually regarded as the captain.

“It was a huge pressure to compare me to names like that from a young age,” he said shortly after taking over the captaincy.

But they were successful as cricketers but not as successful as captains.

Stokes is still feeling stressed, with regular contact with a therapist, Stoke said in an interview with The Guardian. “The hardest thing is talking to someone about this.”

However, Stokes made a call in that interview – if a cricketer suffers from depression, they will find Stokes by their side even if they don’t find anyone else.

Born in New Zealand, Stokes ‘father was a rugby player, Stokes’ life revolved around his father, and his father’s life revolved around his son.

“Everywhere you go with meHe always said- ‘Look I know more than you’. Maybe, maybe this time too he would suggest something or other. I’m pretty sure the England captain was proud of that. ”

Ben Stokes said he got the same mentality as his father Gad Stokes.

Thirty-year-old Ben Stokes has an imprint of thought in his leadership style as well – selfless, team thinking before, not thinking too much about rates and always thinking positive, these are all Ben Stokes principles.

However, the knowledge of senior cricketers also depends on the strength of Ben Stokes’ captaincy, especially when he will bowl himself and when he will take breaks in Test cricket.

Stokes made his demands clear before joining the team, two fast bowlers Jimmy Anderson and Stuart Broad who were not in the team in the previous series, Stokes asked to bring these two back in the team as captain.

He himself dropped one step down to number six in the batting order.

Johnny Bairstow played at number five and Johnny Bairstow seemed to respond fully to the captain’s call in this Test series, scoring two centuries, turning the tide of both Tests, batting at more than 100 strikeouts in both, a few days before Johnny, who was skeptical of his place in the Test team.

Not only is Ben Stokes playing now, but the style of play of Jack Leach and Johnny Bearstore says so.

This England still has a lot of problems, the top order is still fragile, the top order is collapsing fast, one day Joe Root, one day Bairstow is handling.

But that doesn’t diminish the praise for Stokes ‘captaincy, with former captain Nasser Hussein saying Stokes is now a full-fledged captain, and he thinks Ben Stokes’ captaincy talent is innate.

Another Sky Sports commentator, Mike Atherton, who has led England in 54 Tests, said captaincy is something that doesn’t have to be created.

Nasser Hussein says Stokes have taken charge of England’s Test team during a difficult time, having won just one of their last 18 matches.

It is something special to whitewash the champion team of the Test Championship with such responsibility.

But along with Stokes, England’s new Test coach Brendon McCullum is also being praised. He was known for his offensive cricket in his playing career.

In the last Test of his Test career, McCullum broke the record for the fastest Test century in the history of cricket.

One such person is now the coach of the England Test team, many say it is also clear in the body language of England cricketers.

Analysts believe that the way Johnny Bairstow and Ben Stokes won the match by chasing 250 on the last day, especially in the second Test, is an achievement of McCallum’s thinking.

McCullum is also a fan of his team captain.

“The captaincy blends in with Stokes’ characterHe is a great leader, “McCullum said in an interview on SENG Radio after the second Test against his country New Zealand

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