BCSIR has developed an affordable corona detection kit

Newshub18:BCSIR has developed an affordable corona detection kit.Bangladesh Council of Science and Industry Research (BCSIR) has developed an affordable corona detection kit in the country. The company claims that this kit has been developed after a long year of research by BCSIR scientists.A press conference was held at BCSIR on this occasion today. In the press conference, the chairman of the institute, Professor Aftab Ali Sheikh, said that the BCSIR covid kit is a simple and cost-effective method for detecting corona.

As a result, people of the country can now get tested for Corona at low cost. The Department of Drug Administration has already approved the manufacture of this kit. Apart from this, Bangladesh Medical Research Council has given ethical clearance for this kit.It was informed on the occasion that Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University (BSMMU) and Dhaka University have assisted in making this kit under the leadership of BCSIR.

The minimum detection capacity of this kit is 100 copies of virus/ml, whereas the detection capacity of other imported kits is 1000 copies of virus/ml. This means that very minimal number of viruses can be detected by BCSIR’s Covid Kit. As a result, it will be possible to know the presence of the virus before the symptoms of the disease appearMorshed Hasan Sarkar, Senior Scientific Officer of BCSIR gave a power point presentation on the occasion. He said that ‘M’ gene has been used in the Covid kit in BCSIR. This gene is less prone to mutations than other genes. This kit has a low risk of false negative results.

In the press conference, BCSIR Chairman Professor Aftab Ali Sheikh said that BCSIR has developed a method of RNA extraction at a very low cost. Because of this, BCSIR’s kits cost less than commercial kits. So each identification test with this invented kit will cost 250 rupees. Now it will be possible to produce the kit with a domestic manufacturing company. Science and Technology Minister Yafes Osman said, ‘BBCSIR, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University and Dhaka University have found a sample of what we can do big work. These labs should be used. The country’s scientists need to inspire innovation.

BSMMU Vice-Chancellor Sharfuddin Ahmed said, Bengali talent used to work in different countries, from now Bengalis will get inspiration in their own country as well.Among others, BSMMU Treasurer Atiqur Rahman, Dhaka University Professor Rafiqul Hasan and others spoke on the occasion.

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