Back home the lost cat rang the bell

Newshub18:Back home the lost cat rang the bell

The pet cat left the house and did not return for four consecutive days. The owner assumed that the cat might have forgotten the way home. And may not return. But after four days the cat returned home on its own. He even rang the bell at the door of the house and announced his return. The owner is happy to get the lost cat back.

The incident happened in New York, USA. American media United Press International (UPI) reported in a report that New York resident Stephanie Whitley’s pet cat is Lily. The age has passed eight years. The cat usually walks around on its own throughout the day. At night he returns home by himself. Stephanie moved into a house on Long Island with her family about two weeks ago. Even after coming here, Lily was moving around like before.

But suddenly one night there is a violation of the rules. Lily never came home that night. Then day followed night, night followed day, but Lily was nowhere to be found. Stephanie realizes Lily has forgotten her way home. Lost dear Lily. He looked around and couldn’t find Lily. Stephanie and her family members are saddened by the loss of the pet cat.

Four days later Lily herself appeared at the door of the house. Press the bell to announce your return. Suddenly hearing the ringing of the calling bell, Stephanie opened the door to see Lily. His heart was filled with happiness. The entire incident was recorded on the video camera at the door of Stephanie’s house.
“Lily is a smart cat,” Stephanie told the media after Lily’s return. When we got Lily back, we were so emotional, we cried. It was a wonderful moment for our family.’

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