Atletico bought Griezmann outright

Newshub18:Atletico bought Griezmann outright.

Finally, Barcelona and Atletico Madrid ended the drama that has been going on for quite some time with Antoine Griezmann. There have been many dramas for several months regarding the playing of this French star, who was brought on loan in 2021. However, Griezmann was bought by Atlético until 2026 without any further problems. Atletico cost 20 million euros to buy Griezmann in a new contract.

Atletico confirmed the purchase of Griezmann in a statement on social media. “Atletico Madrid and Barcelona have reached an agreement on the contract of Antoine Griezmann, who has been on loan from Barcelona since the summer of 2021,” the statement read. Now the French striker has signed a new contract, which will keep him at our club until June 30, 2026.

Griezmann left Atletico Madrid and moved to Barcelona in 2019. However, the World Cup-winning star’s time at Camp Nou has not been good at all. In 2021, the failed Griezmann returned to Atlético.
However, Barca added a new condition to Griezmann’s contract when he arrived on loan. If he plays more than the specified time, Barca will have to pay an additional four million euros. By accepting this condition of Barca, Atlético is in trouble.
To avoid the pressure of this extra money, the Madrid club could not play Griezmann in the whole match this season. They were fielding this French star for a certain period of time in every match.

However, Barca claimed that Griezmann was played longer than the scheduled time by Atlético. That’s why the Catalan club demanded an additional four million euros from the club.

In response, Atlético said that they played a little more in the previous season, but they hardly played Griezmann this season. For two seasons combined, Griezmann’s game time will remain under 50 percent. However, the Catalan club threatened to file a lawsuit to collect the money without taking this demand of Atlético into account. However, at one stage, Barca softened the tone. According to Spanish media Mundo Deportivo, Barca have changed their position regarding going to court. The club wants to solve the problem sitting outside the court. The Spanish newspaper also said that Griezmann will no longer be considered in the Barcelona team next summer. On the other hand, Diego Simeone also wanted to keep his favorite student in the team by solving the complications with playing time. Simeone said of Griezmann not playing the whole match, “I am a member of the club, I work for the interests of the club and I will do it.” Griezmann said he wants to play more time. The hope of Griezmann-Simone is going to be fulfilled through the new contract

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