At least 3 killed in Copenhagen mall shooting

Newshub18 :At least 3 killed in Copenhagen mall shooting.

A shooting at a shopping mall in Copenhagen killed three people on the spot and injured several others, Danish police said on Monday. Police arrested a suspect after the incident. Sources said the man was known to psychiatrists.

The shootings took place in multiple locations inside a shopping center in the Danish capital, Field, on Sunday. Social media footage showed people running through the mall and heavily armed law enforcement officers at the scene.


At a news conference Monday morning, Copenhagen Police Chief Soren Thomasen said a 17-year-old Danish woman, a 17-year-old Danish man and a 47-year-old Russian citizen were killed in the gunfight.

Thomasen said two other Dennis and two Swedish nationals had been shot and were being treated in hospital in critical but stable condition.

A 22-year-old Danish man was arrested in connection with the shooting and is currently the only suspect.

“There is no information that the suspect was working with others, but an extensive investigation is still ongoing to confirm this,” Thomasen said.

Earlier, police said they arrested the suspect 13 minutes after the first emergency call and that he was “carrying a rifle and ammunition” at the time of his arrest.

At Monday’s press conference, Thomasen said there was no indication that the attack was a “terrorist act” or sex-inspired, and police believe the victims were chosen randomly. The suspect was “known to people in the mental field,” he said.The suspect will be charged with murder, Thomasen said.

‘Run, run, run, they’re still shooting there’

Eyewitness Joachim Olsen, a former Danish politician and athlete, told CNN that he saw her coming out of the mall when he was going to a gym inside the field.

“It sounded like something, I’m sorry to say, you’ll see something like this from a school shooting in the United States, people coming out with their hands over their heads,” Olsen said.

“People are running to you, looking for friends and calling friends and family members inside, some talking to friends inside,” he said. “The old men are carrying them with arms around their necks, their legs just being dragged across the floor.”

Outside the mall, Olsen spoke to a man who spoke to an off-duty paramedic whose arm was “covered in blood up to his elbow.”“He wanted to go back but the police wouldn’t let him go,” Olsen said.

According to Olsen, security tried to evacuate the crowd from the mall.“At one point we hurried away. The police came and said, ‘Run, run, run, they’re still shooting.’A spokesman for Rigshospitalet, Denmark’s largest hospital, told CNN that the hospital had evacuated several victims and called in additional staff to deal with the emergency

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