Apple’s new iOS now has a ‘mailjack’ error

Newshub18:Apple’s new iOS now has a ‘mailjack’ error.

After bringing the iOS 16 operating system, Apple is not leaving the problem behind. Soon after the introduction of the new operating system on September 12, there were complaints of iPhone battery consumption, camera shake, copy-paste problems and black screen. The tech giant rolled out an updated version of iOS 16 just two weeks after its release to fix the problem. But again a technical flaw has been found in iOS 16. Equinox has detected this flaw in iOS 16 operating system called ‘Mailjack’.

The technology company found this error through its own VPN tracker. According to them, by exploiting this flaw, the e-mail app of iPhone and iPad can be easily disabled by sending large e-mails from unknown addresses. As a result, users cannot use the e-mail app from iPhone or iPad. This problem occurs because large e-mails use special coded messages. Emails cannot be deleted at will in the new iOS.

As a result, iPhone and iPad users can fall under the cyber attack at any momentAccording to Equinox, suspicious e-mails can be easily deleted from iPhones and iPads running earlier versions, even if not compatible with the iOS 16 operating system. Because, Apple has also updated the e-mail app in the new operating system. And after updating this technical error appearedEquinox recommends using iPhones and iPads running older operating systems to delete suspicious emails until the issue is fixed in iOS 16

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