announced for resignation by the Prime Minister of Italy, not the President

Newshub18 :announced for resignation by the Prime Minister of Italy, not the President.

Italian Prime Minister Mario made  has announced his resignation. He made the announcement voluntarily on Thursday, local time. Mario made the announcement after losing his ally Five Star in a vote of confidence. News from the BBC.
However, Italian President Sergio Materella has refused to accept the resignation of Prime Minister Mario Draghi. A Reuters report said the president had called on Mario to reconsider his decision.

Mario Draghi, the former president of the European Central Bank, became the prime minister of the country’s coalition government in February last year. The president appointed Mario as prime minister to deal with the post-Corona situation in Italy and the local instability in the country. Now he has asked Mario to present the real picture of the political situation in the country by addressing the Parliament instead of resigning.
The Five Star Party wants more government aid for people suffering as the Ukraine war has fueled inflation. They asked the government for a package of 19.5 billion pounds for the family and business sectors. But Mario did not agree. Basically, this is the visible deterioration of the relationship between the two parties.

The effect of the President’s intervention on the Prime Minister’s announcement of resignation is not entirely clear. Mario Draghi is expected to visit parliament next Wednesday. It is also believed to be able to remain in power with sufficient support. But Mario said, he does not want to continue the government without Five Star. In the 2018 elections, the ruling coalition won the most seats. As a rule, general elections are scheduled for next year in Italy.

Draghi faced constant criticism from Giuseppe Conte, the leader of the Five Star Movement, over the rising cost of living. He then said he would not be in power without the support of the party of Giuseppe Conte, the leader of the Five Star Movement. However, he comfortably won the trust vote without the participation of five star lawmakers.

Five Star was originally the biggest party in the alliance but defections and support have dwindled. Luigi Di Maio, the party’s former leader, said it was an ugly plan to topple the Draghi government while dragging Italy into economic and social collapse.

Italy’s general election was due in 2023 before Draghi announced his resignation. It is now thought that an early election could be called in the autumn.

74-year-old Mario Draghi was appointed as the Prime Minister of the country in 2021 to recover the country from the Corona crisis. After becoming prime minister, he formed a cabinet composed of people from various Italian political parties. Draghi has previously said he will not lead a government that does not include Italy’s biggest party, Five Star

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