Although behind the scenes, Zawahiri was the cause of America’s headache

Newshub18:Although behind the scenes, Zawahiri was the cause of America’s headache.

Al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri probably felt late in his life that he had won his jihad. Their Taliban allies seized power in Afghanistan a year ago. The US has withdrawn its military forces, leaving the capital, Kabul, in chaos. Al-Qaeda leader Zawahiri certainly hoped so, now safe after decades on the run.

But when Zawahiri stepped out onto the balcony of his Kabul apartment, Hellfire missiles were able to pinpoint him and hit him mercilessly. Zawahiri outlived Osama bin Laden by 11 years, but eventually he too died. And on behalf of the people of the United States, President Biden could say, “No matter how long it takes, wherever you hide, if you are a threat to our people, the United States will find you.The US has made some disastrous mistakes so far in the war on terrorism that began on September 11, 2001. As a country, as a military power they have overreacted.

Zawahiri and bin Laden may have hoped for the same, as military forces were sent to Muslim-majority lands. However, the United States has not deviated from the original counter-terrorism campaign to find those responsible for the 9-11 attacks and to ensure justice for those terrorist attacks; Focusing on the right direction.Zawahiri didn’t have the ability to pull off such a dramatic event as Osama bin Laden. But he was perhaps the epitome of the bully-roar that fueled al-Qaeda’s rise.

Whereas Osama bin Laden was Rogapatla, a chost sheikh; In contrast, Dr. Zawahiri, who wore glasses, was very enthusiastic. He was born into a family in Egypt whose ancestors were scientists and renowned Muslim scholars. Because of this, he was able to combine modern technology with seventh-century values, which would have kept al-Qaeda ready for attack. American writer and journalist Lawrence Wright in his well-researched book ‘The Looming Tower’ showed that 31 of Zawahiri’s relatives were doctors, chemists and pharmacists. Osama bin Laden was one of the elite, but Zawahiri was an educated child of a middle-class family. His roots were in the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. Many members of this separatist underground organization have been jailed and tortured. Zawahiri was inspired by the Brotherhood’s founder, Said Qutb, who saw the West as a field of worldly temptation. For this reason, Sayyid Qutb considered it his duty as a ‘pious Muslim’ to reject and destroy the West.

According to Lawrence Wright’s book, Zawahiri built his first secret hideout at the age of 15. For this he was arrested and extensively tortured. Harsh investigative officers brutally forced Zawahiri to give information to others in the underground. This ‘humiliation’ was the bitterest memory of his life. Zawahiri was undoubtedly a tough man. He always strived to resist the hatred of the enemy and the desire to punish Shakra. He called the then US President George W Bush the ‘butcher of Washington’. He even mocked and said, ‘You are a failure and a loser. You are harmful to your nationWho is retreating from Iraq and Afghanistan, us or you?” Zawahiri said after dodging US airstrikes and escaping. Zawahiri has secretly taken refuge in the tribal-dominated areas of Pakistan. In January 2006, US forces carried out an airstrike there.

Zawahiri believed that there would be a Muslim uprising against the West and its supporters. He saw the reflection of his belief in the Arab Spring. Zawahiri tried to take advantage of the mass uprising in Cairo’s Tahrir Square that toppled President Hosni Mubarak. He published a manifesto at that time (in March 2011). The US tacitly acquiesced to the Egyptian coup. Zawahiri criticized this “change of direction” of the United States on the part of the Egyptian ruler. He said, “The United States has not uttered a single word about corruption for 30 years, in the same way they have remained silent about the looting of the co…

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