shut down, a website analytics company, was shut down on the day of the announcement.The website was supposed to be shut down on May 1, 2022. said in a notice that all their activities have been stopped since May 1. At the same time, after 25 long years of service, the company owned by Amazon closed down.

“We retired from on May 1, 2022, after more than two decades of helping your digital audience find, reach and transform,” Alexa wrote in their notice. Thank you for providing us with access to you for content research, competitive analysis, keyword research, and more.

The reason given for the closure was earlier reported by Alexa that the strategic business plan has forced Amazon to make this difficult decision even after 25 years of providing better services to their customers.

Since then, only those who had taken long-term subscriptions in the company have got the benefit of subscription till May 1 this year. The company advised to download the necessary information from the website before closing.

In this digital age, is now known to everyone. Alexa started her journey in 1997. It was acquired in 1999 by Amazon. Alexa also used to see the rank of a site among the websites of the world.However, since Alexa has stopped their activities, there is no such opportunity.


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