Agnipath new scheme in Army,Demonstration down the street

Newshub18 :Agnipath new scheme in Army,Demonstration down the street

A couple of days ago, the Modi government announced the Agnipath project in the army. The young men were told to join the army for four years. The government claimed that this would change the face of the army and make it more effective. But protests against the Modi government’s decision have sparked widespread protests in Bihar. Youths took to the streets in Muzaffarpur and Boxer on Wednesday to protest the project. They all want to join the army.

One such protester, Gulshan Kumar, told NDTV, “Four years after Agnibir, we have to find a job again. You have to study for the job. Other children our age will be far ahead of us then. ”

Another protester, Shivam Kumar, said, “I have been preparing for the army for a long time. I have been exercising for two years. But why should I go to the army for four years? ”

About a hundred youths went to Boxer and blocked the railway line. Trains are closed for some time. In Muzaffarpur, protesters burn tires on the streets. Many came to Chakkar Maidan to test their physical fitness to get a job in the army. Many of them joined the protest. Many went to the collectorate and submitted protest letters to the administration. Youths also protested in Jammu.

After Wednesday, there were protests in different parts of Bihar on Thursday. Protesters hurled stones at the train. Police in riot gear stormed a rally on Friday, removing hundreds of protesters by storm. More young people protested this day.

RJD leader Tejaswi Yadav raised another question. In multiple tweets, he said, the government is trying to raise the issue of conservation in this way. His question is, after four years, when 22-year-olds will no longer be firefighters, what will happen?

In Rajasthan too, about 150 youths blocked the Jaipur-Azam road. Later the police went and picked them up. Nagore MP and RLP leader Hanuman Beniwal said he would start protesting from Thursday.

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Congress leader Rahul Gandhi said, “When India was in danger from two fronts, there was no need for the Agneepath project. This will reduce the effectiveness of the army.

BJP MP Varun Gandhi also said, “If an MP is elected for five years, then why is the tenure of Agnibirs extended to four years?

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