After one hour of death, scientists gave a new life by reviving the pig’s organs, is it the turn of humans

Newshub18 :After one hour of death, scientists gave a new life by reviving the pig’s organs, is it the turn of humans.Scientists gave a new life to the dead pig. Yes, indeed. In a new study, researchers partially revived a pig’s organs an hour after it died, raising questions about what else science can do with death.

The researchers described in a paper the technology used to regenerate the pig’s organ. But that technology has not yet been applied to humans. But the process could improve the supply of transplantable organs in humans, the researchers said.

A group of Yale University researchers did a surprising job in 2019. They used artificial blood and other compounds to restore some cellular and circulatory activity to the brain of a pig that died four hours later. One thing is clear, they did not plan to restore electrical activity, which is associated with awareness and consciousness.
Now the same team of scientists has taken the previous process a few steps further. The pig’s entire body was connected to a system called OrganX. It is much like the machines that support the heart and lungs of humans these days.
How OrganX Works

OrganX is the fluid used by the scientists that is pumped through the pig’s circulatory system. In a nutshell, the goal of this fluid is to promote cell growth and reduce cell death while reducing inflammation. When the OrganX process was run on the pigs, the scientists noticed that their cells were trying to repair themselves. Besides they were carrying out general functions.

But what does death mean? Scientists used the pig’s body but could not make his body conscious. So the question may arise, was the pig really alive? May be partial. This research is now in its early stages. Researchers are claiming that many more things can be done in this regard with time

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