After 25 years in management

Newshub18 :After 25 years in management.

In the past few years, Johnny Depp has been more talked about off-screen than on-screen. The actor was dropped from one project after another after ex-wife Amber Heard accused him of abuse. However, after being acquitted in the wife abuse case in June this year, Johnny’s career seems to have got a new lease of life. One after another he is getting offers for new films, he has announced the release of a song album. This time he came with more big news for the fans. According to Variety, Johnny is returning to directing after 25 years. The producer of that film is none other than Oscar, Emmy and Tony Award winning American actor Al Pacino.

Johnny is returning behind the camera with the movie ‘Modiliani’ based on the life of famous Italian painter Amedeo Modiliani. Apart from directing, Johnny is also one of the producers of the film. Apart from Al Pacino, Johnny Depp, another producer of the film is Barry Navidi. This will be the Barry-Pacino producer duo’s fourth film. Earlier, the two have produced three films together including ‘The Merchant of Venice’. ‘Modilyani’ will be made based on the stage play of the same name. The context of the film is Paris in 1916. Italian-born painter Modigliani was frustrated by his own failure. Neither the critics are paying attention to him, nor are his films selling commercially. But something happened within 48 hours that changed his life. The film is about the story of those eventful 48 hours.

In a statement about ‘Modiliani’, Johnny Depp said, ‘I feel very honored to have the opportunity to bring Modiliani’s life story to the screen. His life was very difficult, but in the end he won. The film based on a human story will be universal, with which the audience from all over the world can feel themselves involved.
Along with singing, acting, Johnny Depp himself also painted. A few days ago, his artworks were sold at an auction in London at a high price. The actor made his feature film directorial debut in 1997 with ‘The Brave’. He also starred in the film with Marlon Brando. The film was then screened at the Cannes Film Festival.

After 25 years of the first film, Johnny Depp is bringing the second one. Apart from movies, Johnny has directed several music videos for his ex-wife Vanessa Paradis. The actor is currently busy shooting for the historical film ‘Jean du Barry’. He played the role of Louis XV in the film directed by French director Maywen. This is going to be his first film in the last three years

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