Afghanistan is moving towards Kandahar from Kabul

Newshub18: Afghanistan is moving towards Kandahar from Kabul.Driving NATO out of Afghanistan was a point of pride for the Taliban. They don’t consider it less glory to run the country for a year without any problems. The Taliban declared August 15 as a holiday to celebrate the anniversary of assuming power. However, the mood of the festival among the common people across the country is not the same.

After overcoming the war-torn situation, the Taliban could not make any decision in the thick of hunger and poverty. There is also a crisis with foreign recognition. Kabul itself has to be in fear of suicide attacks.Still, the Taliban claim success in political and military control. In the last 12 months, no factional conflict among the rulers has come to the fore. There was no major public protest against them. Again, no country in the world has recognized them.

The Taliban’s power base has gained additional strength

In many cases, the international media does not present the full picture of the ruling Taliban in Afghanistan. Again, there is a demand for reliable news from within the country. It is difficult for journalists to work independently there.
Relying on Twitter and Facebook, what little news there is from remote areas is mostly about the anti-Taliban insurgency in Panshir and Surrey Pole. Some also shared some news of women’s movement and struggle. Beyond that, there has been little over the past year to report on how Afghans fare in social life. Post-war Afghanistan has sadly lost world attention. At the same time, the global attitude towards the Taliban is also blindly hostile.

But there is some evidence that the Taliban’s power has gained a solid foundation. On the contrary, there was no sympathy within the country for President Ashraf Ghani, who defected in August last year. Even outside the country public support for the officials of the old government was not expressed.

The Taliban administration is much more active

In the first anniversary of the victory over NATO in Kabul, there were few events, and everyone saw the end of the war as a great achievement. However, the repeated attempts of women to march in the capital indicated that just as in the past men were monopolized in the war to protect the country, the women’s society is in a unique crisis in the current war of survival.

Across the country, female-headed households are the hardest hit. Women are not normally allowed to work. As a result, there is no income. A large number of such families lost men as a result of the long war. According to the International Food Agency (WFP), 6 million people in the country need food aid. About half of this has received support. The food situation is worst in Badakhshan, Ghor, Jaikundi and Aruzgan. The last three provinces are in central Afghanistan. Even in relatively good conditions in Kabul, the prevalence of poverty is indicated by the large presence of unemployed people and aid seekers.

The security situation is also better than last year. Anyone from the outside world can even go to those marginal areas, where before 2021 it was difficult to survive. Anti-Taliban leaders like Hamid Karzai are staying in Kabul. However, the security situation is not so good that nearly 3 million refugees in Pakistan can return home.

There have been several suicide attacks in Choragopta in the last one year. According to ECLED, an organization that monitors military conflicts around the world, at least 4,100 people have died in Afghanistan in the past year due to military violence. There were 393 explosions. A significant portion of the dead were people associated with the previous government. In addition, there are about 485 people killed in the Taliban’s operation against Panshir and Baghlan.

Still, the current situation is quite ‘peaceful’ compared to the environment before 2021. With this opportunity, business is also expanding well in the country. A major source of the Taliban’s ability to maintain governance despite the lack of international cooperation is a good supply of revenue. The trade of goods on the border between Iran and Pakistan has gained a lot of momentum

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