A woman of Indian descent made history by traveling alone to the South Pole

Newshub18 :A woman of Indian descent made history by traveling alone to the South Pole.

There was a time when the place for women in our country was only inside the house. They could not go out and do any work on their own. But times have changed. The mentality has also changed with him. And that is why at present women are snatching one title after another by competing with men. Besides, this time Captain Harpreet Chandi made history by maintaining that resh.

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Originally, this British-Sikh army officer at the age of 32 is considered to be the first woman of Indian descent to travel alone to the South Pole. It is learned that Captain Harpreet completed this trek without any help. In this context, Captain Chandy wrote that this expedition is not just for him alone. Rather, he wants people to go beyond their limits and believe in themselves. In his words, “I want you to achieve everything except the rebel tag. I have been told many times that you should do normal things. But I decide for myself what my normal job will be. ”

In this context, a report in The Indian Express says that Captain Chandy himself has given this good news to everyone on his live blog. In 40 days, he covered 1,128 kilometers on a sled. He achieved his goal despite facing temperatures of minus 40 degrees and winds of 60 miles per hour. It is learned that Captain Chandy started his historic tour on November 7, 2021.

In this context, he wrote, “I have reached the South Pole. It’s snowing here. I feel a lot of emotion together. Until three years ago I had no idea about Polar World and now I can’t believe I got here. It was hard to get here. I am grateful to those who supported me. ”

Not only that, Captain Chandy continued to upload blogs during his trip and also shared his trekking map. Captain Harpreet Chandy is a member of the Medical Regiment in the North East of England. He took Craves training in the French Alps before trekking to the South Pole. Also, he has trekked in the Lanzokul Glacier in Iceland and spent 28 days in snow-covered Greenland. Basically, by practicing pulling heavy tires, he prepared himself for pulling sleds. Harpreet Chandy joined the Army Reserve at the age of 19 and became a regular member of the Army at the age of 25. Meanwhile, as soon as the news of his great success came out, there was a flood of good wishes everywhere

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