A woman gave birth to a child with monkeypox, how is the newborn?

Newshub18 :A woman gave birth to a child with monkeypox, how is the newborn?

As the fear of Corona continues, the fear of another infectious disease monkeypox is increasing all over the world. But despite being infected with monkeypox, a pregnant woman in America has given birth to a healthy baby. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention officials said the woman delivered her baby safely and both are doing well. CDC physician John Brooke said there are currently no physical problems for the mother and newborn.

Previously, newborns were also infected with monkeypox by contact with pregnant women. But in this case the child is protected even after being exposed to the virus. According to the CDC statistics, the incidence of the disease among pregnant women is increasing, and it is also a problem to treat them physically. For that reason, the organization said, newly pregnant women or those who are breastfeeding should contact their doctor if they have any problems.

Immune globulin is given to newborns, according to the CDCThe US Drug Regulatory Agency has approved the drug for the treatment of antibodies in people with monkeypox. Monkeypox has been found in two children in the United States. The World Health Organization has declared the disease an international emergency. Spain still has the highest number of cases of monkeypox. So far, 3 thousand 596 people have been diagnosed with this disease. According to the World Health Organization, boys are more likely to be affected by the disease than girls. That is why men are warned. Earlier, the CDC warned pregnant women about monkeypox.

Symptom of monkeypox

Monkeypox is creating an atmosphere of panic after the Corona (Coronavirus) epidemic. Several people have already been infected in different parts of America, Europe, West Africa. This time, the Ministry of Health of India has issued a warning about monkey pox. According to experts, monkey pox is a disease like smallpox. It is a rare disease. This disease was first seen in 1958. However, human transmission of the disease was first observed in the 1970s. According to them, monkey pox is spread more by animals with sharp teeth including squirrels, rats. Animal bites, scratches and even contact with them can cause infection. But what are the symptoms of this disease? It is important to know.

Fever, body aches, large spring-like bumps on the body are currently identified as symptoms of monkey pox. It is also advised to consult a doctor if you see painful bumps that look like blisters on your hands, feet and face. A form of monkey pox is so virulent that 10 percent of those infected may die. Also, headache, muscle pain problems are also seen as symptoms. According to experts, the problem of monkey pox can last for two to four weeks. However, the symptoms of this disease can spread to different parts of the body after a few days.

Incidentally, Union Health Minister Mansukh Mandavya has directed the National Center for Disease Control and the Indian Council of Medical Research to ensure that the deadly monkey pox virus does not spread in the country. Apart from this, the Ministry of Health has asked various airport and port authorities to keep the matter under observation. An official of the Ministry of Health told news agency PTI

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