5 Popular Photo Editing Apps

Newshub18 :5 Popular Photo Editing Apps.

Many people regularly give photos of various daily activities including family events, vacations, etc. through various media including Facebook. Most of the time these images are not of good quality due to various defects including low light. However, these problems can be eliminated with the help of photo editing apps. Let’s know about 5 popular photo editing apps.

Adobe Photoshop Fix

Adobe Photoshop Fix is ​​very popular for quick and easy photo editing. The app includes retouch and restore photos tools, which help to make the photos more beautiful. Not just beautiful, the app also has tools like layers, cuts, filters, etc. to resize photos. As a result, different color filters can also be used in addition to resizing the image as needed. The best part of the app is that it allows you to edit photos on your smartphone as well as edit them immediately after taking them. The app is free to use.

Perfect 365

Many people like to dress up. ‘Perfect 365’ gives an opportunity to know what kind of makeup will go well with which clothes. By using the app, you can edit any photo and add different colors of lipstick, eye shadow, eye liner, mascara, blush-on, etc. If you want, you will get the opportunity to edit certain parts of the picture. The app is free to use.

Photo Effects Pro

Many people want to present themselves attractively on social media. For this, they add different atmospheres or effects to their pictures. Apart from improving the quality of photos, the app for adding various effects is ‘Photo Effects Pro’. The app has more than 40 filters and effects. Not only that, it also has different fonts for writing messages on images. In addition to using the finger paint option, multiple photo collages can also be created if desired. As the app has stickers and frames, it is also possible to use favorite frames on edited images. It can be downloaded for free from Play Store or App Store.


Many people prefer watercolor paintings. But it is not possible to paint your own watercolors with painters. Waterlog app will provide the solution. A very popular app for photo editing as well as creating watercolor photos. Although this facility is available in various apps, the Waterlog app can be converted to watercolor with one click. This app contains more than 14 watercolor designs. As a result, in addition to editing, any image can be converted to watercolor at will. The app also provides the opportunity to add different frames to the image.


‘Picsart’ app has become very popular among users because of the possibility to cut out any part of the image and add it to another image. In addition to adding different types of funny stickers, the app also allows you to collage multiple images. The app offers a variety of filters and tools for photo editing. In addition to changing the background of the photo, you can also add different fonts

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